Patient’s stay

We have made every effort to make your trip as simple and comfortable as possible. Upon arrival at the Tunis-Carthage airport (10 minutes from the clinic), our driver will meet you and drop you off at one of our two partner hotels nearby or at any other accommodation you have chosen for your stay.

The pre-operative consultation with Dr Seffen is planned for the day before the procedure. This consultation will include a detailed and personal exchange to review the steps of the procedure scheduled the next day. We urge our patients to try as much as possible to arrive in the morning for this consultation to happen in the afternoon, the day before the procedure, but it can also take place the morning of the procedure. The preoperative consultation is mandatory for any patient who has not had a consultation in the two months preceding the procedure.

For patients living abroad, the stay in Tunis is typically three to four days depending on the type of procedure planned. As a general rule, patients arrive in Tunis the day before the procedure and leave the day after it.



Le Corail Suites Hotel
Avani Les Berges du Lac 2

The course of your hair transplant day

Arrival at the clinic at 8am (you will be greeted by Dr.Seffen: photographs and drawing of the hair reconstitution pattern).

A room with a personal locker is at your disposal to change into a patient gown.

Your hair is shaved before the preparation for extraction.

Beginning of the procedure, which is typically 6 to 8 hours long depending on the extent of the procedure. A 20 minutes pause is planned for lunch.

At the end of the procedure and possibly PRP injections, Dr.Seffen will provide you with postoperative instructions (in writing): how to use shampoo, sleeping position…, as well as a medical prescription.

Back to the hotel (5min walk) to rest. You can take your flight back the very next morning.