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In order for us to assess your hair, determine your treatment options and establish a quote, please send us by email good quality and well-lit photographs taken by a third person of the areas to be treated, with a view of the front, top and sides; then photographs of the donor area (neck and sides), so that We can give you a primary diagnosis and an estimate according to the number of grafts needed.

Below is a list of questions you can answer to describe your expectations as accurately as possible:

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Do you have any family members with baldness ? Yes/ No

Duration of your hair loss ? Month/ Weeks/ Years

Where is your baldness located ? Diffuse/ Top of the skull/ Hairline/ Frontal lobes/ Tonsure

Do you use or have you used any of these medical treatments in the past ? Finasteride / Dutasteride / Rogaine® / Minoxidil / No hair treatment / Other

Do you have a medical history/ ongoing treatments ?


In order to give Dr. Seffen a good overview of your hair situation, you can send him good quality photos with the following view angles :


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