Your stay in Tunisia

Your hair restoration stay in Tunisia will offer you the opportunity to discover the capital and its northern suburb by the sea. Patients from abroad who schedule their hair transplant with Dr.Seffen do not go through any intermediary. The minimally invasive nature of FUE hair transplantation avoids immobilizing patients, which makes them free to discover the charm of the north coast and the city centre where French is commonly spoken as well as a little bit of English.

Free quote

Request a free quote for a hair transplant perfectly tailored to you by filling out the contact form. Photos you send to Dr.Seffen will allow him to evaluate your hair and tell you what your possibilities are in terms of hair restoration.

History, culture, craftsmanship and traditions

The Medina of Tunis is where you want to go to discover the historic centre of the country. Located only twenty kilometres from the seaside hotels where you will be offered to stay, the Medina is full of mosques and souks where visitors can discover Tunisian craftsmanship: perfumes, fabrics, leather and jewellery.


To visit the must-see museums located not far from your hotel, you will want to head to Bardo and Carthage. The Oceanographic Museum of Salammbô, the National Museum of Carthage and the Bardo Museum will make you discover the country’s history, the Bardo Museum including among its treasures a unique collection of Roman mosaics. The archaeological site of Carthage is also a must-see during your stay. Visitors to Carthage have many choices: the amphitheatre of Carthage, Punic ports, the baths of Antonius, necropolis, basilicas and many other remains of the Roman Empire.

Local food

Those who wish to discover Tunisian traditional cuisine can choose among the many renowned restaurants of the Medina of Tunis, but also fast-food restaurants in the city centre and suburbs that offer typical dishes. There is something for everyone: spicy dishes, oriental fast food and sweets. Our patients are spoiled with choices with the many fast foods, pastries, confectioneries, ice-cream shops and sandwich shops located nearby.

Fast food chains such as Quick, KFC and Pizza Hut are located in the suburbs: in the Carrefour La Marsa shopping mall as well as in the Lac area for western fast-food lovers. Those who want to enjoy a traditional mint tea and a hookah with the breathtaking view of the bay of Tunis will want to go to the ‘café des délices’ in Sidi Bou Saïd.

Dr Fares Seffen

Entrust your hair transplant to an experienced FUE specialist to benefit from a perfectly natural result with no scars.


Dr.Seffen’s clinic is located on the shores of the Lac of Tunis where shopping enthusiasts can find happiness. Shopping malls, luxury boutiques, cafes and restaurants abound in these beautiful, modern neighbourhoods located between the capital and the northern suburbs. A shopping centre with a Carrefour supermarket and various shops can be found near the Gammarth seaside hotels. Many shops and boutiques are also located in the city centre to satisfy all shopping desires.

Promenades and seaside

The most luxurious seaside hotels where you will stay offer a direct view of the beautiful endless beaches of Gammarth. Sidi Bou Saïd, La Marsa and Carthage are ideal places for pleasant walks where the sea is never far and where a warm welcome will be reserved for you. The city centre of Tunis and the Medina also offer the opportunity to visit the area with the historic city centre, museums and souks.